• SGTMajor payne

    SGTMajor payne

  • Anything


    Do anything to make the future incredible

  • Sasha Laundy

    Sasha Laundy

    Leveling up at @hackerschool. Formerly at @codecademy, @twilio, and taught physics & neuroscience. Founded @WomenWhoCode. I like science and bacon.

  • Cat George

    Cat George

    Catalyst @UntappedGlobal @endeavorglobal @p18startups, @Unreasonable. Innovator, creator, wildcard, deep end diver.

  • Sydette


    Drapetomanic Amazonian Virago.RT not endorsements and words represent only me.

  • Andrea Small

    Andrea Small

    strategist, designer and hiker (thoughts are my own)

  • Angie Vuyst

    Angie Vuyst

    Advocating for mental and physical wellness through personal storytelling.

  • Marie Casabonne

    Marie Casabonne

    Technical Account Manager @ Instabase. She/Her pronouns

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